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The contents of this website are belong to Keith Young as copyrighted material. This website is meant to be free to the general public, but some restrictions apply to its use.

Any commercial  use of any of the contents of this website must first recieve my permission. My permission may include conditional terms. My email address can be found below.

Any free use of the materials on this website must be credited. For example when using or referencing my content for a free website, or a thesis paper, or free newsletter, or other similar applications, the content can be used so long as I am credited in name, and the address of the source that was used.

Pay particular attention to any copyright notes attached to any engineering code I realise. In general, similar terms apply.

All other rights not mentioned are held exclusively by the original writer and owner, Keith Young.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my site.

Keith Young

Date: 03/26/2012


Email: keith dot a dot young at comcast dot net

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