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I am transferring everything to my new Motorsports Engineering and Applied Math site.

I am an Engineering student (Mechanical Major, Aerospace Minor) that has had an interest in all things technical, but my passion has mainly been what is in my opinion the pinacle of technology and art: Racecar Technology.

My name is Keith Young, many of you that will find this blog will have known me as rough_wood when I was younger posting in places like AtlasF1, F1Technical, my old Geocities cite, and other places. You may have seen the thread that was near the climax of participation around the time of the crash of F1Technical, Geocities, and the loss of my free time.

Since that time, I’ve been through the roller coaster of promotions, innovative designs, layoffs, consulting scores, being part of a packaging foam team to someone involved with the new Corvette, and life changing moments never imagined by the know it all 17 year old I was back at the beginning.

Being back in school I’ve found myself mostly unchallenged, desperate for the purpose I once felt. Maybe I’m getting older, or maybe I need to create a little free time and make use of it.

It would be great if some people like this and get something out of it. Really though I just need to apply myself outside the mess of bland regimented academia. I need another cheap hobby, and it doesn’t get much cheaper than WordPress.

In the past I rarely turned down a good business offer, or requests for non-profit help usually from university students writing a thesis. Should you want to contact me as others did in the past for any reason:

keith dot a dot young at comcast dot net

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