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Preliminary – Numerical Analysis of Racing Brakes

March 27, 2012

I have decided to release a preliminary post detailing some of the goals and anticipated main sources of my Numerical Analysis series. I am still working on a format for the series of posts so they can be clearer. The topic itself is complicated enough that I prefer to not add to any confusion through poor formatting and inconsistency between posts.

First, I want to make something very clear. I am an undergraduate student getting a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a B.S. Minor in Aerospace Engineering. I am not an expert on numerical analysis or brakes. My posts are not intended to represent the cutting edge of computer aided engineering. The intended overall goal of my posts is first and foremost to learn numerical analysis and how to write about it. My second intended goal is to document my path, complete with all the mistakes I will certainly make, in order to help the reader see what goes in to this.

Every post I make will be of another step in an incomplete project. Every time I update the Matlab code I wrote there will be simplifying assumptions that reduce the accuracy of the simulation, sometimes including wrong assumptions and mistakes on top of that. I absolutely welcome and request your criticism; however I hope you keep these things in mind.

Goals for the software (some of which may never be completed):

  • Model simple solid brake rotors operating in steady state
  • Model realistic (for example vented) brake rotors in steady state
  • Eliminate as many assumptions as possible
  • Model simple solid brake rotors operating in transient state
  • Model realistic (for example vented) brake rotors in transient state
  • Optimize brake rotor cooling in steady state
  • Optimize brake rotor cooling in transient state
  • Account for different material compositions
  • User friendly interface

My main sources may include:

Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 6th (sixth) Edition

Schaum’s Outline of Heat Transfer, 2nd Edition)

Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers

Applied Numerical Analysis (7th Edition)

Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fourth Edition


Once again, I welcome all constructive comments, recommendations, and criticism. You can always email me but I prefer to receive your input through comments so everyone can see any questions posed and mistakes pointed out. The idea is for this to be as transparent to everyone as possible.

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