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Simple Weight Distribution/Transfer 1

December 13, 2011

I remembered that that 2011 F1 Regulations state a certain weight distribution for the cars and I decided to find the aproximate CG location based off that. It is a simple matter of Statics.

\sum F_x = 0

\sum F_y = 0

\sum M_o = 0

The regulations state a certain minimum weight on the front and rear axle, and after averaging the leftover weight I came up with 2889N on the front and 3389N on the rear. Besides averaging the extra weight over both axles, let’s also assume a 3m wheelbase.

0 = 0

2889N + 3389N = 6278N

2889 x - (3-x) 3389 = 0

x = 1.62m

 Therefore the front axle is 1.62m from the CG, based on the assumption that the remaining 7Kg not specified in the regulations is averaged over the front and rear axle, and that the wheelbase is 3m.

In the future I will show how the weight distribution changes as the vehicle accelerates. 

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