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Testing My Aerodyanamics Article Example

November 21, 2011

I cracked open my copy of Race Car Vehicle Dynamics (R146) by Milliken and found something very similar to the example I made in my article Aerodynamic Coefficients: Lift. Let’s take the data from Milliken’s example and see if my method gets the same outcome.

In his book he states the Chaparral 2J has:

Tire Friction Coefficient: 1.3

G’s on skidpad:1.7

Weight: 2500lb

His example is simpler than mine so I can start halfway through my earlier example.

F=m a=(2500*.4536)*(1.7*9.81)=18,912N

F=\mu N


{NormalForce Required}=14,548N


His book says the downforce was 770lb. Looks like it works!

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