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A Favorite Airfoil/Wing Section Resource

November 18, 2011

Despite the information age we live in today it can be very difficult to find valuable resources online. When a Google search can result in millions of hits, you can quickly drown in this inescapable haystack you’ve dove into.

If you are looking for good airfoil data, look no more (sort of). The Applied Aerodynamics Group is here to help.  At first the information may seem daunting, there is so much that it can be a little difficult to navigate and find a use for much you find here.

What I use most is what many web surfers likely pass over. In the Coordinate Database you will find hundreds of airfoil DAT files containing points for the airfoils. These can be imported into XFOIL for CFD study. Though not all of the files import perfectly, with a little work they can go right in.

In fact, I am currently working on Matlab code that will import these DAT files and automatically convert and smooth them for preparation for XFOIL. More on this later.

Another thing I use is the links at the bottom of the page. You can spend hours looking through what you find in the links section.

The last thing I’ll mention is The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage. Ever wonder what wing section the P-38 Lightning used? After a few seconds of searching the site I found it uses the NACA 23016 at the root and NACA 4412 at the tip. Of course they have the coordinates for each of those in the Coordinate page. In no time you can have the information you want, the data you want, and the ability to use it through the software links included in the links area.

UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group

If you want to know what a specific airfoil looks like, what it’s coordinates are, or what aircraft uses it, make this place the first on your list for sources.

In fact, I am hoping to model my Example with data from the site in the not so distant future.

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